Improving outwards appearances in a couple of sessions with a doctor while also reducing your body fat percentage for a healthier future, this is a modern miracle. It has been made possible over the years with the evolution of liposuction. However, current modern medicine has even surpassed these records. Now you have Smarlipo Triplex, which is one-step ahead of conventional liposuction. Here are the top 5 ways that the Triplex lipolysis can be a better option for you as compared to liposuction.

Results within one doctor’s session
The triplex sessions show results on a faster scale. You do not have to wait and go through more than a few sessions just to see some results. Not only will there be a marked difference but it is also an inclusive treatment, which does not just target single spots of the body.
Low post surgery trauma percentage
In the triplex sessions, a small cannulla is enough to do the work and it is usually done under local anesthesia. There is very low risk of surgery trauma due to these sessions.
Shorter recovery time post-surgery
Conventional liposuction used a bigger cannulla to melt down fat barriers. With triplex, a very small incision is made on the skin and small cannulla is inserted to help target the laser on the affected areas. Local anesthesia is enough for the procedure. As a result, the downtime post surgery is also minimal. Patients often find it possible to resume daily lives within day or two.
Less risk threshold
The surgery risks are vastly reduced with the new triplex procedures when compared to conventional liposuction.
Skin rejuvenation and tightening post procedure
The laser treatment used in the triplex sessions boosts the collagen production in the targeted areas. This helps in the thickening and tightening of skin. It gives the entire area a much more rejuvenated appearance. It also helps put off fat deposits for a longer period.