Although a lot of people might think that these 2 types of treatments are identical, there are a couple of differences between them and they are pretty important. These types of traditional Chinese medicines are well-known all around the globe and they provide amazing health benefits to a lot of patients. Actually, if you are curious then why not taking acupuncture or acupressure courses and start practicing this job in the future? Until then, here are the basics you need to know about acupuncture and acupressure.

Acupuncture uses needles, acupressure uses fingers. When you receive an acupuncture treatment then very thin needles are inserted in certain parts of your body. The healing process starts when these needles relax your muscles and relieve tension. With acupressure, the fingers of the practitioners are the actual tools which bring healing. The specialist in acupressure is pressing on specific spots in your body in order to improve blood flow and restore your health.
Acupressure can be applied through clothes as well. Basically, if you sign up for an acupressure treatment then you don’t really need to take your clothes off. The acupressure practitioner can work his “magic” through your apparel with little to no effort. On the other hand, if you receive an acupuncture treatment then you need to remove your clothes because the needles are very thin and they have to be inserted with great precision and care by the practitioner.
Acupuncture offers quicker results.However, your body will also get rid of the toxins and unwanted substances faster and this process might be a little bit bothering for some. Acupressure is more delicate and the healing process will be more pleasant, although the results will be seen a little bit later. Still, you are free to choose any treatment you want, as long as you choose an experienced and professional practitioner.