The main way we can develop good eating habits in children is by giving them a perfect activity schedule which is in relation to food and nutrition. With a lot fun incorporated and great ideas to involve the kids these activities not only help the child grow but also help them to be a part of such wonderful activities.

There are activities which help to combine nutrition with maths, language, science and various performing arts. So whether it is health or physical education, or any other area, there are innumerable ideas that help to give the children the power to participate and also know the way of eating well.

The most feasible idea is to have a S.N.A.C.K goal. This is a way of ensuring that the child 21gets the best and helps the child to like food. You may want your child to eat a little more, or drink the perfect juice, you may want to set goals to meet up to the requirement of the child. So the S.N.A.C.K system only helps to understand that

S is small

So it is a way of asking if this goal is small enough to be able to be accomplished in a short time

Then you have

N that means needed

So the question is if it is a change that you would need for better health

Then the next is

A for achievable.

The question is if you could achieve this goal. Would you need others help to meet it. Is it a goal one could achieve.

Then you have C which is for count.

Would you be able to count it. Can you actually count and also measure how well you are progressing.

Then there is K which is for knowledge.

Here you ask if you know enough to set the health goal.

So the S.N.A.C.K goal ensures that you have some schedules like trying a new vegetable twice a week, riding a bike at lest for around 20 minutes. You could limit television watching time to around an hour each day. You could substitute the water for soda pop at least thrice a week.

Keep a calendar and make notes about the goals targeted and goals achieved. Design the system such that there is a graph to track your goals

Other fun activities include hosting a fun Olympics with your friends and neighbors Have a steeplechase over low bases and also make the best out of your activities. This would give you the energy to do better and be able to eat your next meal well. Also you would have good metabolism.

Similarly ensure that if you have a pet you would take it to new places to run, walk etc. This would give a lot of boost to your emotional energy and thus the child would be emotionally tired and you could employ this towards eating a good meal.

A new recipe always helps. Anything new is always welcome for the child and enjoys the new factor in the diet and may eat without fuss.

Grow a vegetable garden with your kid. You could start a crop of cabbage, radish, and spinach and also ensure that your child gets interested in not only growing but also eating the vegetables.

The next time you light up the fire for the grill, add some barbecue stuff by roasting a lot of vegetables like broccoli, mushrooms, squash , and peppers on a skewer. Cut the vegetables into big chunks and thread into the wooden skewers and spray with olive oil and then roast for around 2-5 minutes. All this is sure to give your kid the interest to eat.

Have a campout overnight and enjoy the living room comforts outside and give your child a fun activity which could get him to listen to your request of eating well. Start it at the campsite.

Teach girls the importance of calcium and give them other healthy bone habits. Give them adequate rest and then again involve them in other activities. This would totally recharge the system and ensure that you imbibe in them the importance of having a great diet and fun activity simultaneously.