As mother of growing children, you must make sure that you are offering them the right kinds of foods. The food types that are beneficial for growing children are:

Whole grains: The whole grain foods contain high quantity of fibers. Certain whole grain food items are also rich in essential nutrients like vitamin B complex, iron etc. These foods will supply your child the energy they need for accomplishing their daily activities. Whole wheat foods can be included in all main meals of a child. Examples of whole grain foods include: crackers, whole wheat breads, whole grain cereals etc.

Fresh vegetables and fruits: Fresh vegetables and fruits like baby carrots, apples etc will help you in adding extra fibers to the diet of your child. These food items also act as a source of carbohydrate for the growing children like the whole grain foods. Fresh vegetables and fruits, especially the colorful ones also contain all the essential minerals and vitamins. You can offer fruit salads and salads prepared with fresh veggies like carrots and lettuces as brunch when your child comes back from school.

Protein rich foods: Protein is extremely important for ensuring that your child is growing properly. Protein is extremely essential for the growth of cells, tissues and muscles of a child. You can offer peanut butter along with whole wheat breads; this is an option that majority of the kids love to eat. Other than this, different nut types also act as a great source of protein. The other protein rich food sources that your child will enjoy eating are: fishes, turkey and lean chicken.

Dairy products: The child must also need to consume enough calcium everyday for ensuring appropriate growth of muscles, nails, teeth and bones. The best sources of calcium are the dairy products like milk, cheese, yogurt etc.