Stress is the gift to us by the modern age. You are more stressed than your parents were. Not only you can feel it, but also you can see it when you look in the mirror.

But the good news is that science has newly found that you can really reverse the clock and turn back the early start of ageing impact of stress on your face, body and health.

You may think it’s a magic. But it’s just a simple formula you might have heard of before. Eat right, get a regular workout, take adequate sleep, meditate and be with your loved ones.

Simple Changes Confirmed by Study

Though this may be familiar to you, a recent study has confirmed it and has claimed that in addition to making you look and feel younger, these habits if followed only for a few months, may extend your lifespan by 10 years.

The study was conducted by Dean Ornish, M.D. Dr. Ornish with his team studied the telomeres, the caps on the tips of chromosomes (imagine the plastic caps on the ends of your shoelaces) that protects DNA strands from separating, in men diagnosed with low-risk prostate cancer.

These caps become shorter with age due to which the risk of untimely death from various conditions like diabetes, heart disease and breast cancer is increased.

They are shortened due to chronic stress too and ultimately your life too becomes short from 9 to 17 years.

Ornish planned to stop the damage to telomeres by suggesting the men participating in the research to eat a plant-based diet, perform workout for 6 days a week for at least 30 minutes, perform yoga or meditation and participate in support groups.

By the end of three months, the men got their telomeres increased by 10%. Ornish says that if there were female subjects in the study, they too would have got the same benefits.

You have More Control on Your Stress than You Think

Ornish also realised that you can have more control over your stress than you think.

Ornish says that you should understand the power in yourself. You don’t need to find new stress-relieving methods but rather should put the ones you already know into practice.

Although Ornish started a 12-week program to teach people how to adopt positive lifestyle changes, you don’t need even 12 weeks.

You can begin stopping cell damage within a few hours making just small modifications, including eating whole foods, practising yoga and particularly upgrading your social life (not to be mistaken with online social networking).

Ornish observes that spending time with loved ones like family and friends can be the most essential way to absorb the shocks of stress.

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However, by making positive lifestyle changes you can improve your overall health up to cellular level.

Eating Right

What you take in your body may have a great impact on your health and your looks. If you want to be healthy and young-looking, you must eat right according to Ornish.

Here are some suggestions:

Flax and Flaxseed Oil

Flax is loaded with alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which is a plant-based omega-3 fatty acid, an important component of the oiling layer that keeps skin supple and moist.

Low intake of ALA can result in dermatitis (itchy, red skin).

Even olive oil is good for skin, so, you can alternate between flaxseed oil and olive oil for salad dressing and other culinary purposes.

Carrots and Red Bell Papers

These two are great sources of vitamin C which is an essential factor in collagen production and protects cell damage caused by free radicals which can cause premature wrinkles.

Lean Poultry or Beef

Studies have found that women with lower intakes of proteins have more wrinkles. Also the skin of these women is more prone to tearing, breaking and cracking.

So, start taking in protein-rich foods like lean beef, eggs, poultry etc.

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