Hair loss is a common problem among men and reports say that almost 85 percent of men will have significant thinning or hair loss by the time they turn 50. If you are dealing with hair loss, you are not alone. The issue is more serious for those who start balding early. Some men start losing their hair even before they turn 21. This can be very traumatic because hair loss is considered as a sign of aging. Fortunately, new solutions are coming up to deal with hair loss.

Causes of hair loss
First, it is important to debunk some myths. Wearing a baseball cap does not cause balding, neither does someone running their fingers through your hair! While you should always avoid being too rough on the hair, brushing, combing or styling is not responsible for your hair loss. In almost 95% of cases, male baldness is genetic. This means that if you are looking for someone to blame, look closer home! Other causes of hair loss include some medications, vitamin deficiency, illness or stress. If the hair loss is not due to genetics or male patterns, it will often reverse itself when the causal issue is solved.
First impressions
Your hair says a lot about you and it helps to do what you can to make the best impression. Research has shown that there is a link between smoking and rapid hair loss and this should be a good reason to quit the habit. Doing what you can to prevent hair loss is much easier than trying to replace it when it is gone. A good diet and good hair care habits can go a long way towards this mission.
Effective treatment
You should be careful about treatments that offer miracle cures for baldness. Most of these products are fake and you need to consult a specialist when you want the best solutions. One of the best ways to deal with the condition is through hair transplant. Consult hair transplant doctors to find out the best solution for your situation.