The stress of today’s living often takes a huge toll on the individuals. Added to this the lifestyle inconsistencies and insufficient sleep patterns and most people start to show aging signs much before their time. These are just causes but the actual culprit is the increasing amount of free radicals in your system that do not allow for sufficient amount of antioxidants absorption. While you will need to correct your lifestyle to stop further degeneration of your youth, you might take the help of a day spa to help remove the signs of aging that might have already started showing up.

Two of the most trending treatments in this regards are the microdermabrasion and the micro peel. Both these treatments are similar as in they help in removing the top layer of the skin to reveal the newer layers of youthful, unblemished skin underneath. However, both the treatments are vastly different in their approaches.
The technician uses a special instrument, which use a layer of fine crystals to exfoliate the outermost layers of your skin. The instrument is designed to very precisely buff the skin to bring out its natural shine. This treatment can take anywhere between 30-50 minutes. Side effects might include a slight reddening of skin for a few hours after treatment. Some peeling may also occur, especially if the treatment is set at an intensity to help with thick skin or deep blemish removals.
Micro peel
This is another treatment which can last anywhere from 30-45 minutes. This treatment uses a chemical exfoliant in various concentrations, especially customized to your needs. This exfoliant helps in removing the outermost layer of skin without any irritation that some people might feel even during microdermabrasion. Your esthetician will apply a thin layer of the chemical exfoliant for set amount of time and finish the treatment with a neutralizer to soothe your skin.