Following an exercise regimen that includes resistance training and cardio workouts will definitely help you in losing weight; but, if your do that whole following the right weight loss diet plan, you will be able to burn more fats every day. Below we have discussed about the food items that have fat burning properties.

Egg whites:

Egg whites contain high levels of protein. Whites of every egg contain over 6g of protein. The body will break up this protein more easily than fats. While exercising to burn fat, you must have omelet made from 2 egg whites as breakfast. Having 2 egg whites will make you consume much lesser calorie than a whole egg.


According to the nutritionists, the more beans you will be eating, the more will be the amount of fat you are burning. Bean contains high percentage of fiber and protein. It is a healthy replacement for meats, which although contain a lot of protein also brings in high amount of fats. Bean types that must be a part of fat loss diet plans include: Lima, Navy, Edamame and Kidney. However, make sure that you are not taking refined or baked beans; both these options carry high levels of sugar and fat. When taken in boiled form, a cup of Kidney beans contain 15g protein, 11g fiber and only 1g sugar.


The mention of oatmeal can never be ignored while discussing about fat burning foods. This food item is not only an excellent fat burning agent, but it can also reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in our body. You can enhance the fat burning abilities of oatmeal by having the original traditional oats instead of the instant ones (difference between the two is that the traditional oats need some more minutes to get cooked). Instant oatmeal is also extremely effective in accelerating the fat burning procedure unless you have purchased the flavored ones.